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Jobs in Australia

Agriculture Jobs in Australia

Agriculture jobs in Australia particularly in production and sales of grains, fisheries and forestry products, poultry, etc. are numerous. A number of websites publish requirements for professionals to do agriculture jobs in Australia which are not only high paying but also offer attractive work profile for those who have right credentials and work experience. Moreover, a number of agribusiness firms have come up in Australia during last century and many of them have multinational operations.

Some leading employers from Australian agriculture such as AWB Limited, Australian Agricultural Company, Australian Egg Corporation, Berry and Wollstonecraft, cont. Dairy Farmers, Dairy Industry Association of Australia, Elders Limited, Florigene, Murray Goulburn Co-operative, National Foods, Norco Co-opera, etc. offer attractive agriculture jobs in Australia which require candidates to possess excellent academic qualification and work experience in agriculture industry.

Jobs in Agriculture Sector in Australia

Agriculture is one of the leading occupation of people in Australia and various career options in broad sector of agriculture have come up in couple of decades. Career options in agriculture in Australia such as Agricultural Research, Agri-Business, Agro Industry, Agricultural Education, Agricultural Journalism, Services in Agriculture, Banking, Farming, Conservation, Agricultural Engineering, Management, etc. are attractive and numerous to accommodate any number of trained professionals.

Agriculture Sector in Australia

Despite the fact that agriculture forms just 3.5% of national GDP, it plays crucial role in Australia’s economy and helps the country produce and export huge quantities of agriculture products. The island nation has a mix of irrigation and dry-land farming as most of the part is either desert or left abandoned for being unproductive. Moreover, lack of water availability is a major set back for agriculture in Australia which otherwise is a leading exporter of agriculture products.

Australia is one of the leading producer and exporter of agriculture products such as cereals, oilseeds and grain legume, etc. The products are consumed largely by the growing population of Australia which majorly is a non-vegetarian society. Moreover, wheat is produced in large quantity so that national and international demand can be fulfilled. Manufacturing units of sugar are based in tropical Australia to help in generation of thousands of jobs in country.

Leading Agriculture Companies in Australia

AWB Limited is a leading grain marketing organization in Australia which is located in Australia. Governing the export of grains from Australia, it was a government body before privatization. The privatization has brought revolutionary changes in the company profile and today it claims to have operations in a number of other countries in Europe and Asia. The current ownership of the firm is with wheat growers in Australia.

Similarly, poultry and fisheries are attractive career option for many Australians. As the country is an island nation, most of the coastal region is suitably located to exploit the unexplored trade of fishing. Trading of eggs in Australia is an attractive career option with people in Australia. The Australian Egg Corporation Limited helps professionals setting up egg production units with loans and various grants. A leading feature of egg industry in Australia. It also owns a producer-owned corporation and represents approximately 400 commercial egg producers and based in Sydney.

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