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Jobs in Australia

Fresher Jobs in Australia

Being the thirteenth largest economy in the world, Australia offers attractive job opportunities to fresher who are willing to explore their life and livelihood in the island nation. The country’s GDP was estimated to be $920 billion last year which is growing even more at great pace. Growth in economy brings with it growth in number of employment opportunities not only in one sector but in all major sector and not only to experienced candidates but also to fresher candidates.

Fresher jobs in Australia are not limited to one sector as no one sector can claim to survive if new candidates are not given an opportunity which would in fact mean that fresher would always be fresher if not given a chance to work or gain experience. Similarly, a number of firms in Australia offer entry level jobs to fresh graduates. Besides private sector, government organizations too offer job opportunities to fresher in Australia.

Various Sectors offering Fresher Jobs in Australia

IT sector is one sector which offers attractive salaries to fresh candidates. Besides IT, marketing, sales, travel & tourism, teaching, media, law, etc. too offer lucrative job options to candidates who have come straight form college and looking for jobs. It is quite understandable from the business point of view that fresher can work at the fraction of salary on which an experienced employee works and that could be highly beneficial for the firm. Therefore, it is not only the fresher which benefits from a job but the company offering him a job too benefits exponentially.

Economy of Australia and Job Prospects

When Australia is considered one of the land of hopes besides the USA there is some content in the argument and that is that the country has lots of potential in terms of growth and employment opportunities ensued with the growth. The country has huge deposits of gold, iron, bauxite, iron, manganese, opals and sapphires, etc. Besides travel and tourism, IT, Media, law and others are extremely promising sectors in Australia which offer excellent job opportunities to fresh candidates from the country.

How to Get a Job Soon After College

Getting a job in Australia becomes easy through campus selection process wherein companies from various sectors come and select candidates from the college campus. The process helps candidates get a job even before passing their final exam and companies do not waste resources in recruitment advertisement and high salaries in hiring experienced candidates. Situation becomes tough for those who do not get a job through campus selection and a selection outside the campus is difficult as many companies do not prefer to hire a fresh candidate outside the campus.

BPO sector in Australia attracts most of the fresher and one reason which forces BPO companies hire young and fresh candidates is that BPO requires short training sessions which can make a fresh candidate productive and investing little time and resource can be afforded. Therefore, most of fresher jobs in Australia come up in BPOs. Moreover, BPOs help fresh candidates learn professional skills which can be used to further the career in other sectors after some work experience. Besides BPOs, KPOs in Australia are hot spot for fresher wherein students of various academic backgrounds can work and earn attractive salaries.

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