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Jobs in Australia

Government Jobs in Australia

Government jobs in Australia are attractive as these are well paid. Whereas private sector is prone to various weaknesses and cannot be considered secure, government jobs in Australia are safe and secure. The positive fact about government jobs in Australia is that the employment conditions are subject to various federal laws and in case of job loss, the aggrieved party can go to courts for redressal of justice. Additionally, government respects labor laws set by it.

Besides Railway and road transport, the Australian government has various departments including of Environment and Natural Resources, Family, Home and Community, Government and Parliament, Health and Safety, Immigration, IT and Communications, Law and Justice, Science and Technology, Tourism and Travel, etc. and for all the mentioned departments, trained human resource are recruited by recruitment department called 'Australia Public Service Commission'.

Public Sector Jobs in Australia

Government of Australia requires a number of professional to run the country, maintain law and order and carry out various executive activities. Public sector works including of delivering social security, administering urban planning and organizing national defenses, etc. have full fledged departments. Australia Public Service Commission recruits workforce for various federal departments. Most of the jobs by APSC are posted in APS Employment Gazette. More information can be obtained from the official website: and

Part Time Government Jobs in Australia

A number of government jobs are available for those who wish to work part time. The Australian Public Service (APS) Information Communications Technology (ICT) Cadetship Program offers part time jobs to candidates who are studying in some college but wish to work part time to meet their expenses. Moreover, more information can be obtained by logging to:

Government jobs in Defense

Like any other nation, Australia too has its own army where military, navy and air force is maintained for national security. A number of vacancies come up in national army which is posted in the bulletin carried out at Besides Australian nationals, Australia recruits nationals from other countries too and any information on that can be found at

Government jobs in other sectors

Australia has a liberal economy where in private companies get maximum advantages in setting up new business. However, private sector offers jobs at conditions, and as long as some employee performs under those conditions he stays with the company. Once the conditions are not filled and the employee fails to meet the set goals and targets of the company, he is forced to leave the organization. Though laws are at place to protect the innocent employee, yet nothing can stop such a practice as employers often quote that the employee cannot be afforded.

Government jobs in Australia on the one are safe as these are governed by rules set by the Parliament and decisions made by courts, these jobs are high paying too. Most of the government employees are offered attractive accommodation facilities by the government. Housing is a challenge in Australia as these quite expensive and require lots of money to buy a home. Strategic Govt. Undertakings such as Govt. Oil companies, Steel Gas Engineering PSUs, Govt. Power Companies, PSU Telecom Companies, etc. are known to offering attractive jobs in Australia.

Miscellaneous Jobs