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Jobs in Australia

Pharmaceutical Jobs in Australia

Pharmaceutical jobs in Australia are in plenty as the country has a huge and successful pharmaceutical industry which forms more than 1% of the world pharmaceutical market. With a turnover of $17 billion, the pharmaceutical industry of Australia offers employment to more than 34,000 people across at least 300 firms and institutions. Australian pharmaceutical export has increased from just over $100 million in 1984-85 to reach $3.9 billion in 2007.


Scope of Career in Pharmaceutical Sector in Australia

As has been admitted Australia is one of the leading exporter of pharmaceutical products, generates plenty of job opportunities to youngsters with some qualification in pharmaceutical industry. The pharmaceutical industry in Australia is a leading contributor in the manufacturing sector which helps in earning valuable foreign reserve. In order to get a job in pharmaceutical company in Australia the person is required to have done some course in pharmacy which is being made available in Australia by a number of medical or pharmacy colleges.

Some Leading Pharmaceutical Firms in Australia

A globally renowned destination to look for attractive jobs in pharmaceutical industry, Australia has a number of renowned pharmacy companies which includes Alphapharm, Amcal, Anadis, Biota Holdings, Chemeq, Giaconda, Herron, Hexal Australia, etc.

Job Opportunities in Pharmaceutical Industry in Australia

A huge number of jobs in pharmaceutical sector in Australia come up in production centers in segments such as manufacturing, research and wholesaling, etc. and nearly 14,000 people get direct jobs in these manufacturing centers. Professionals involved in pharmaceutical jobs are expected to work in manufacturing of medicines ranging from simple pain killers to sophisticated antibiotics or complex cardiac compounds, etc. amongst others.

Additionally, pharmaceutical jobs in Australia are complex and require various professionals to perform specific functions which may or may not be distinguishable but yet are require different professionals. Pharmaceutical jobs in Australia such as Medical Representatives Jobs, Sales Executive Jobs, Pharmacy Business Development Jobs, Logistics Jobs, Product Development Jobs, Research & Development, etc. are considered chic and high paying.

State of Pharmaceutical Industry in Australia

Australia has one of the most advanced pharmaceutical industry in the world and the country has wide ranging capabilities in the complex field of drug manufacture and technology. Nearly $752million is being invested in research and development in pharmaceutical industry in Australia. Moreover, there is a competition among the leading pharmaceutical companies in Australia to invest in R&D to bring out new medical products which can have demand in market; the whole process is just going to help in generation of new jobs in pharmaceutical industry in Australia.

Research and Development jobs in Pharmaceutical Companies

Requirement of time is to innovate and bring out the latest medical solution or medicine and for that investment in R&D activities is required in huge amount. Currently an average cost of inventing and developing a new medicine can cost more than a billion and take more than a decade; however, lots of investment or time consumption cannot be a hindrance for companies which are eager to bring cure for ailments and sell their new medicine.

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