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Jobs in Australia

Telecom Jobs in Australia

Australia has a huge and vibrant telecom sector which offers attractive telecom jobs in Australia for candidates who have right qualification and relevant work experience. Moreover, various engineering institutes in Australia offer industry focused telecom engineering courses and that may be a reason that most of the passed out telecom engineers are placed soon after their college. Telecom engineering in Australia is exposed to training and employability.

Students are taught to specialize in one or two skills so that they have higher chances of getting a telecom job in Australia. The fundamental requirement of a telecom job in Australia is that one should know at least one out the Computer programming, Software design, Basic telephony, Laser technology, Fiber optics, Cellular technology, Data compression skills, Interpersonal communication skills, Control Precision, Problem Identification Skills, etc. to suit in the telecom industry

Career in Telecom Sector in Australia

As the country has a strong base for telecom business, a career in telecom sector is an attractive option where designing, installing, troubleshooting and networking is done for exponential compensation packages. Telecom jobs in Australia give stress on hardware and software as well. Generating a number of jobs in telecom in segments such as mobile telephony, wireless communication, internet protocol media system, GSM architecture, GPRS network, CDMA, voice over internet protocol, etc. the sector is highly promising in terms of employment opportunities.

A new segment of economy and career, telecom engineering is a promising career for those who have studied the subject at college level. A little enhancement can be valuable for firm and for the candidate. Some leading features of the course such as Understanding and Designing Data Networks; Understanding Optical Networks e.g. SDH, SONET, DWDM, etc. is crucial. Additionally, understanding Wireless Networks (GSM, CDMA, and 3G) too is crucial for women.

Major Telecom Companies in Australia

Playing crucial role in the Australian economy, telecom industry of the country is dominated by Telstra, which earlier was under the control of Australian government. Moreover, some other telecom firms such as Optus of Singapore Telecommunications, AAPT and Powerte of Telecom New Zealand, Soul of SP Telemedia, Vodafone and Hutchison 3G, etc. generate millions of jobs for those who have some kind of qualification in telecom sectors.

Hot Jobs in Telecom in Australia

Besides technical staff, a huge number of professionals are required to run a multimillion telecom company which even include professionals such as telecom engineers, test engineers, software or applications engineers, product managers, customer support staff, public relations officers, government relations, etc. Moreover, fresh candidates get lucrative job options with telecom companies in Australia as customer care executive, desk top support, etc. amongst others.

Then there are some unclassified telecom jobs in Australia which includes Communication Equipment Mechanics, Installers, Frame Wirers, Power Reactor Operators, Repairers, Electronic Home Entertainment Equipment Installers and Repairers, Power Distributors and Dispatchers, Radio Mechanics, Signal and Track Switch Repairers, etc. too. These jobs and other relevant telecom jobs are not only attractively paying but also showing the right path to grow in career.

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