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Jobs in Canada

Media Jobs in Canada

Media jobs in Canada are attractive and well paid as the country has an advanced and well-developed media. Professionals specializing in media can get plenty of job opportunities in magazines, TV shows, newspapers, radio stations, etc. Media in Canada is totally accessible as the country boasts to have cent percent TV density and media has penetrated the all nooks and canny of the country. With such a huge growth rate, media jobs in Canada cannot be left behind in salary and work culture.

Media in Canada

As Canada has a market economy, all media enterprise is for profit generation and television, magazines, and newspapers, etc. work towards maximizing the profit through various methods. Generally, media groups in Canada earn profits from advertising, subscription, and other sales-related works. Government regulation is solicited in media in Canada and at times the government interferes with positive acts so that media is able to sustain.

Thanks to efforts from the government side, the Canadian media is accessible to all in democratic manner. The ownership in the Canadian television broadcasting is by the government and private firms. The healthy competition is maintained for competitive media. More than 130 originating television stations, which broadcast on 1,456 transmitters across the country, on both the VHF and UHF bands provide numerous media jobs in Canada.

Getting Media Jobs in Canada

Getting a media job in Canada in various TV channels, radio stations and full fledged press, etc. is lot easy as a heavy requirement is felt by the employers. People who wish to work in media in Canada require to have a degree or diploma in media carried out from various institutes in the country. One of the finest option to work in media in Canada is to work with government-funded broadcaster, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation/Société Radio-Canada. It operates radio and TV networks in English and French.

Print Media Jobs in Canada

Canada has a rich heritage of print media and currently it boasts to have two major national newspapers e.g. the Globe and Mail and the National Post. The French language newspaper Le Devoir is read widely in the state of Quebec. However, it is the Toronto Star which has the largest circulation among the newspapers published in Canada.  Windsor Star, however, has the highest readership and can be considered the most trustworthy newspaper in Canada. The print media jobs are being offered by the newspapers and magazines are attractive and require lots of caliber.

Canada media is often blamed that there is too much of concentration of ownership and that is not fair for a democracy. Along with news channels, newspapers, radio stations, media jobs in Canada in various magazines like L'Actualité, AdBusters, Auto Atlantic - East Coast Auto magazine, Cahoots, Canadian Business, Canadian Dimension, Canadian Geographic, Canadian Living, Enterprise Mag, Exclaim!, Flare – Fashion, Frank – Satirical, Geist, etc. are attractive and well-paid.

Canada has numerous publication houses which offer attractive media jobs in Canada. Leading publishers such as McClelland and Stewart, English Canada, Coach House Press, House of Anansi, Key Porter Books, Hidden Brook Press, Douglas & McIntyre, Random House, HarperCollins, Alfred A. Knopf and Penguin Books, etc. have their operations in Canada and offer extensive media jobs in Canada.

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