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Advertising Jobs in India

Advertising Jobs in India

Booming advertising industry in India requires trained advertising professionals in huge numbers. Though the advertising industry is new in India, advertising has been in vogue in western countries. Advertising is a form of communication that typically attempts to persuade potential customers to purchase or to consume more of a particular brand of product or service. Various advertising agencies operating in India try to understand nerves of masses and then translate the same onto advertisement.

The primary requirement of advertising jobs in India is the person should be creative and can think beyond conventional wisdom. People who have unquenched thirst for creativity receive wide success in the industry along with money and accolade from media organizations. People working in advertising industry such as Aleque Padmesee, Prasoon Joshi, Prahlad Kakkar, and many others have received laurels for themselves and their country too.

The total turnover of Indian advertising industry is estimated at Rs 13, 200-crore which in fact shows the grand opportunity to people to work in the industry. Some major advertising agencies such as Adbur Pvt Ltd, Akshara Advertising, Ambience D'arcy, Chaitra Leo Burnett, Contract Advertising (India), Crayons Advertising and Marketing, Creative Advertising, Enterprise Nexus Communications, and many others are doing wonderful advertising campaigns.

Some other advertising agencies in India including of Euro RSCG Advertising, Everest Integrated Communications, Equus Advertising Co, FCB-Ulka Advertising, Fountainhead Communications, and many others are known globally for their praiseworthy advertising campaigns. Today’s youth are very bravely coming up with their creative ideas cashing mammoth opportunity provided by advertising industry. After the opening up of Indian economy, advertising industry offers global exposure.

In the field of advertising, a person has to work in team wherein a media director who organizes planning groups that select the communication media, like, radio, television, newspapers, magazines, Internet, or outdoor signs in order to disseminate the ads, heads the team. Moreover, advertising like other corporate jobs is teamwork where team efforts are useful executing creative ideas. Howsoever-great idea you may have but if you fail to make others understand, the same is useless.

Youngsters who are striving to work in advertising industry in India can go for jobs such as Printer, Photographer, Illustrator, Commercials Director, Public Relations, Direct Marketing, Designer, Sales Promotion, Set Designer, Make-up Artist, Commercials Producer, Model, voiceover, Sound Engineer, Typographer, Stylist, Brand/Product Manager, Market Research Analyst, etc. You can chose a job depending upon you taste and flair.

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