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Agriculture Jobs in India

Agriculture is the life of Indian people. Though contributes a little in terms of GDP, agriculture is fundamental for a two third of Indian masses. Indian land is fertile and agriculture has been in existence for more than 5000 years. Nearly 43 % of India's geographical area is used for agricultural activity of which is nearly half region falls under irrigation and rest is dependent upon the monsoon rains coming once in a year.

The reason behind the falling ration of contribution of agriculture in the GDP pie is reduction of margin in agriculture. The other reason may be that other sectors such as services and production are doing rather well and a huge section of population is entering in the newly attractive sectors. No doubt about the fact that despite reduced contribution on the GDP, agriculture still plays a vital role in the overall socio-economic development of India and its people. Any debacle or down performance of agriculture can lead to disastrous situation.

Green Revolution in Agriculture

Going a bit before 1947, India faced a number of famines where millions of people died for shortage of food. Soon after independence, India faced heavy shortage of food grains. Planning Commission of India faced the challenge of providing food security to its people which could be possible only through the modernization of agriculture which was done in archaic methods.

The requirement of extension in irrigated land, irrigation facilities, high-yielding variety of seeds, excellent agricultural research, water management, plant protection by using fertilizers, pesticides and cropping practices, etc. were ensured under the flagship program called ‘Green Revolution’ to make India a food sufficient country.

Career in Agriculture

When India required trained professionals to do higher research in agriculture, agriculture engineering came in front as it can deal successfully with the subject. Agriculture engineering offers attractive career option for youngsters who are a qualified Agricultural Engineer and have done B.E or B.Tech. Some other courses such as diploma in Agricultural Engineering too provide great perspective to become an agriculture engineer.

Aspirants willing to do higher research can do M.Tech in Agriculture and do research on crop process engineering, firm machinery and power, soil and water conservation, etc. amongst others. A huge wealth is being invested by the government of India to promote research in agriculture. Students with interest to do doctorate in three years can do from IIT kharagpur, and Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI), New Delhi.

Attractive Agriculture Jobs in India

Besides becoming an agriculture engineer, an aspirant with qualification in agriculture can work in various organizations in numerous capacities. Agricultural officers for the development of agriculture in a district are recruited to oversee the state of agriculture and suggest farmers about the best agriculture practice. Similarly, working for NGO oriented to support farming class can be a good option. IIM, Ahmadabad offers PGDBA in Agribusiness which is considered the best in the discipline. The course enables the person to get jobs in various MNCs trading in agriculture products.

Remuneration in Agriculture Jobs in India

Agriculture engineers are paid well by Indian government. An agriculture engineer can get any salary in the range of R 10000 to R 20000 which depends a lot on the work experience. However, private agriculture companies pay high salary and agricultural engineers in private sector may fetch any salary in the range of R 20000 to R 35000 that too depends a lot upon the work experience and exposure.

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