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Biotechnology Jobs in India

Biotechnology Jobs in India

Students after doing their biotechnology degree have career options such as working with pharmaceutical company, universities, medical schools, and various government labs. The before mentioned bodies are major recruiters as every well-established Biotech Unit comprises of several divisions carrying out different functions. The career opportunity available with such departments are immense and multiple.

One can opt for positions such as, Bioinformatics Scientist/Engineer, Bioinformatics Analyst/Programmer, Molecular Modeler, Facility Manager/Supervisor (Animal Sciences), Veterinarian, Lab Assistant, Glass washer, Scientific Directors, Scientists, Research Associates, Research Assistants, and many other sophisticated jobs. Those who have masters in biotechnology have upper hand in job market as most of the biotech jobs require deep knowledge of subject matter.

Major areas of work in biotechnology jobs in India are research on organisms, cells, or molecules isolated from cells to make products or solve problems, and many others. Various generic medicine-manufacturing companies in India are leading recruiters who even hire fresh biotech graduates. As a biotech employee in pharmaceutical firm, you expected to capitalize on biotechnology techniques to make products ranging from better pharmaceutical drugs to enzymes that stonewash jeans.

The total market of biotechnology jobs in India is valued at $28 billion. India has around 1500 biotechnology companies which provide job opportunities to nearly two lac people in research, development, manufacturing, sales, etc. Predictions from various experts show that in coming two years there would be substantial increase in number of jobs in biotechnology segment of economy. Moreover, biotech jobs are attractive as these are high paid and require sophistication.

Then there are jobs in operations department of biotechnology companies wherein positions such as Process Development Managers, Process Development Technician, Manufacturing Managers Manufacturing Technician, Calibration Technician, Purchasing Agent, Buyer Agent, Facilities Manager, Toxicologist, Environmental Engineers, etc. are filled by hiring experienced personnel. Quality department of biotech firms hire people with three to five years experience in the industry.

Eligibility criteria for biotech engineers to work in biotechnology firms are four-year degree in biotechnology and expert knowledge on subject. Students learn biology and related disciplines, including integrated science and technology programs which help them learning fundamentals of biotechnology. Not only biotechnology sector is booming, it is offering extensive Research and Development exposure to Indian biotechnologists to explore and benefit.

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