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Construction Jobs in INDIA

INDIA has a huge construction industry which offers attractive and high paying jobs to professionals willing to explore career in it. There are more than 200 construction firms in the corporate sector in India which carry out various construction works. Additionally, there are more than 1, 20,000 class A contractors registered with various government construction bodies who help in constructing various government and non-government projects.

Scope of Construction Industry in India

Besides construction firms and registered contractors, there are thousands of small contractors who do small projects as petty contractor. A swift growth in construction industry wherein it has reached Rs. 42885.38 crores in 2004 05 from Rs. 21451.9 crores in 2000-01 shows that the sector indeed has lots of scope for those who are willing to explore their career in it, particularly in materials and products; suppliers and producers; building services manufacturers, providers and installers; etc.

The construction industry is offering more and more emphasis on creating physical infrastructure and lots of investment is planned in this sector. Construction sector is likely to get huge investment from government side as according to the Planning Commission in order to develop world class infrastructure an investment of US$ 320 billion during the 11th Five Year Plan period would have to be done. Moreover, with Public Private Partnerships (PPP) approach the sector would come up with millions of construction projects.

Attractive Jobs in Construction Industry

Construction engineers can have plenty of job options in construction companies. Additionally, there are jobs for supervisors, architects, civil engineers, supply chain management professionals, site engineers, planners, etc. in a construction company. A construction engineer is expected to have skills in organizing data sets, speak clearly, visualize in 4D time-space and understand Virtual Design and Construction methods, etc.

Professionals with qualification in construction or civil engineering and business management often reach to top management as they know the nuances of construction work and managerial work which is required from a person to be on the top. Professionals with qualification in civil engineering, engineering management or business administration usually have excellent options of getting a job in Construction.

Construction Companies in India

Playing crucial role in the development of India, construction sector accounts for more than 40 per cent of the development investment during the past 50 years. Moreover, nearly 16% of India’s working population earns its livelihood from the sector. No doubt about the fact that there are more than three crore people in India who are directly employed in construction sector which generates wealth in the tune of R 20,000 crore.

A promising career in construction sector in India is waiting to youngsters wherein they can explore by doing the jobs of contractors, sub-contractors, professionals, advisors and construction clients, etc. Those who have work experience can work in designing, building, operation and refurbishment of buildings. Ambuja Reality Group, DLF, UNITECH, Suncity Project, Parshwnath Developers, Merlin Group, K Raheja Construction, NK Realtors, Mittal Builders and many others are renowned construction companies in India which offer attractive jobs to young professionals.

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