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Environment Jobs in India

Environment jobs in India are multidimensional and range from environment management to environment law to environment engineering. Environment is considered a hot issue and keeping it conducive for human existence is crucial for us all. Joint effort from governments and private players towards effective environment management and forming various bodies to execute the decisions and policies generates numerous jobs.

Career in Environment Science and Engineering

One of the consequences of rapid economic growth or industrial revolution has been environment pollution. In order to reduce the vicious repercussions of pollution, studies and efforts are done by government agencies and private companies in various forms. Aspirants can look for a job in environment science and engineering only after doing a formal training program or course offered by institutes such as Indian Institute of Social Welfare and Business Management (IISWBM) located at Kolkata in West Bengal. Jawaharlal Nehru University, School of Environmental Studies, New Delhi offers two years Master of Science in Environmental Management course.

Career in Environmental Management in India

Environment management jobs in India would come up in big way as according to career counselors positions for environmental engineer, environmental chemist, environmental expert, environmental and quality manager, water and environmental sanitation officer, and environmental scientist, etc. would come in large numbers in coming days. Aspirants can do specialized courses such as B.S.C (environmental science), M.S.C (Environmental Science), PG Diploma courses in Environment Management and Environmental Science, etc. amongst others.

Those who are interested in environment engineering can do B.E in Environmental Engineering, M.Tech in Environmental Science & Engineering, M.Tech in Energy & Environment Management, which are being offered by institutes such as South Gujarat University, University of Delhi, Berhampur University, Bharathiar University, University of Mysore, University of Pune, etc. amongst others

Scope of Environment Jobs in India

Various benefits can be cited of doing an environment job and the foremost is that the person really helps in sustainable development by researching in pollution control, industrial hygiene, radiation protection, hazardous waste management, toxic materials control, water supply, etc. There is real dearth of quality research and human resource who can help control pollution and help in sustainable development.

Compensation Packages in Environment Jobs in India

Whereas environment jobs are abound, these are high paying as well. Moreover, there is no heavy competition as the subject is less known and even those who know it do not exactly know the scope of it. Candidates with qualification in Environmental Science & engineering are recruited by Central and State pollution control boards earn salaries between Rs.15,000 - Rs.30,000. Similarly, aspirants with a postgraduate degree can earn salary between Rs 35000 - Rs 50000. A person with PhD on the other hand has lots of scope in teaching or consultancy and can earn R 50000 - R 75000 a month.

International Jobs in Environment Engineering and Management

Not only India but around the world environment pollution has become an issue and governments are trying for a sustainable development model. For such cause money is not a burden which in fact is a good omen for youngsters who are looking to make a career in environment management or engineering. Candidates with a degree in environmental management can work as Environmental Sustainability Analyst, Global Sustainability Director, Soil and Groundwater Project Manager, Environment Program Specialist, environmental analyst, etc.

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