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Fresher Jobs in India

Candidates looking for a job just after their college can found themselves in tough situation as generally companies do not offer job opportunities to fresh graduates. However, there are companies which eagerly await candidates with some practical exposure when doing their course. Offering a job to freshman can be a suitable option to get a cheap human resource but it brings with it the whole responsibility to train him and make him an employee of benefit.

Whereas some companies hire from campuses, some other companies recruit fresh candidates through advertisement in popular newspapers. Candidates who are looking for a job for the first time after completion of the course can opt for a company which is going through the bad economic phase. Such a company tends to offer jobs to those who can work for low salaries. The situation is mutually beneficial for the firm and candidate as both benefits from it.

Fresher Jobs in IT

Some IT companies in India hire software engineers as trainee developer or programmer. Such a situational requirement can even prompt the hiring company to ask you to sign a bond wherein you will be required to work for a year or two after the training. Such a situation can be difficult at times but there cannot be other option than joining the firm. In fact such a situation can be used to harness IT skills and add work experience in resume.

Fresher Jobs in Other Sectors

Besides IT sector some other sectors such as marketing, sales, travel & tourism, teaching, media, law, etc. too have broad prospect for fresher. It is widely understood that if no one gives a chance to work the person would always be fresher; therefore, someone somewhere has to offer the first opportunity to work. Companies though offer jobs to fresher considering their own benefits, in the end it is the candidate who is benefitted a lot from such a situation.

Law firms hire young graduates with law degrees for various projects and profiles. Despite the fact that they are fresh, they are considered for their energy and motivation and willingness to work hard. Similarly, people who wish to work as teacher or journalist can start working as trainee teacher or journalist. Starting from somewhere even at the low level is better than no starting and waiting for a big opportunity. Cashing in the smallest opportunity is a step stone for winning out big battles.

Fresher jobs in BPOs

BPOs offer attractive job opportunities to youngsters who just have passed their graduation. In fact the sector has served the purpose well and in appreciable terms. Candidates who never had thought that they would be able to earn livelihood soon after the graduation are now fetching jobs and that too with handsome salaries. KPO (Knowledge Process Outsourcing) on the other hand offers specialized jobs for those who have B.Tech, BA, MBA, LL.B., MBBS, B.Com, etc. in their sleeves.

Small and medium size companies in India prefer people who can work for less salary and there cannot be the best option than fresher who is badly looking for a job. An aspirant should not look down a job even if it is disliked as long as it offers some learning as it could be used to further learning which in long term can be extremely useful. Cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune, etc. are hub of fresher jobs.

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