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Hotel or Hospitality Jobs in India

Hotel or hospitality jobs are ideal for those who can carry a pleasing smile on the face and can communicate confidently. Moreover, an orientation to serve customers and empathize with them is a major plus for the professionals looking to make a career in hospitality industry in India. A degree course or diploma is essential for new comers to start working in hospitality industry; however, lack of it cannot stop an enthusiast to get into one of the most attractive career.

As the country is developing at great pace, it will require a huge pool of talented professionals to meet out various requirements in hotel industry. Similarly, growth and development in travel and tourism industry will contribute to accelerated requirement of trained professionals in hotel industry. Currently, India’s travel and tourism industry is ranked 5th in the long-term growth and the same is expected to be the second largest employer in the world by 2019 which in nutshell shows great scope for hospitality industry in India.

How to Get into Hospitality Industry

Soon after completion of school, an aspirant can start doing hotel management course. Various hotel management institutes in India offer quality education in hospitality management and provide excellent placement in various top notch hotels. Those who cannot do graduation in hotel management can go for post graduation and then enter into hospitality industry. Formal training is preferred by hotels as they do not want to invest on sharpening the skills of candidates and invest on it.

Candidates with formal education in hospitality industry get fair chances of growth and upliftment than other candidates as they are trained to be enthusiastic, authentic, and professional towards their customers and know the profession as well. Moreover, sound communications skill makes them a little better equipped to deal with customers and understand their problems as well as empathize them. A trillion dollar trade, hospitality industry has lots of employment scope.

Hot Hospitality Jobs

Various hotels, restaurants, industrial, or organized catering for offices, hospitals, educational institutions, etc., offer attractive and hot hospitality jobs in India. Trained hotel professionals fetch attractive hospitality jobs at private homes, defense services, railways, cruise ships and flight catering, etc. Moreover, these jobs are not only high paying but are being considered chick and attractive as well as secured.

Trained professionals in hospitality can work at various positions which may even include Chefs & Cooks, Restaurant Managers, Captains & Stewards, Banquets, Housekeeping, Sales & Marketing, Front Office, Guest relations, General Managers, Heads of Departments, Finance & Accounts, etc. Some other vocations in hospitality industry such as host or hostess, maintenance and engineering in charge, Travel Related services provider, event manager, etc. too are attractive and chic.

Overseas Employment

A large pool of India's hotel professionals work in various hotels located outside India, particularly gulf countries and cities such as UAE, Qatar, Yemen, and some cities in East Asia. Amounting to more than one fifth of trained Indian professionals, professionals working in overseas market contribute to the national earning of foreign exchange. Moreover, dearth of trained professionals in hotel industry in Europe and USA provides attractive job opportunities to Indian professionals.

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