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Human Resource Jobs in India

Human resource management (HRM) jobs require a person to have a degree or diploma in HR. A trained HR professional is preferred than untrained one by organizations. Besides working for corporate organizations, a trained HR person can work as occupational analyst, compensation manager, employee benefits managers and specialists, etc. Additionally, he can work for training and development, Industrial Relations, Labor relations, Conciliators or mediators, Arbitrators, etc.

Career in Human Resource Management

Career in HR is challenging yet bright. As corporate companies are more concerned about the welfare of employees so that they can sustain, HR department has to play crucial role in it. Similarly, government regulates the rights and privileges of workers and professionals and at such a time the HR department of any organization requires to be updated about the changes. HR department functions in wide horizon and can do multiple tasking at the same time.

HR professionals are required to posses broad understanding of human psychology and that may be a reason that organizations hire candidates with background in the subject of human psychology. Additionally, candidates with academic qualifications in sociology, philosophy, law, political science, management, etc. are being preferred. Trained law graduates are preferred for their legal acumen and understanding of legal disputes between the management and employees.

Hot and Attractive Jobs in Human Resource in India

Managing the staff in the most beneficial way is an uber challenging job and HR department is always on its tow to search new ideas to attract best available human resource to the firm and maintain the most productive employees in the firm. Besides working for welfare of the employees of a firm, HR professionals have lot other works which includes recruitment, consultancy, payroll management, training, academics, etc. amongst others.

Job of a HR professional to search, select & recruit suitable& qualified human resource for his organization is quite challenging yet high paying. Moreover, HR is more concerned with the development, motivation & training of human resource than anything else as the organization requires high productivity which can be done only through proper training and fine tuning between the specific requirements of employers and employees.

Generally, employment opportunities in training are opened for the candidates who have masterís degree in training or management or psychology. Owing to paucity of time, resources and concentrating on core competencies, many organizations are not able to recruit candidates and leave the same job to third party. Recruitment consultancies profile, interview and select the right candidate for the client company and charge according to the standard norm. Candidates with MBA with specialization in HR are preferred for such a job.

HR consultancy jobs are attractive and challenging as the service providing firm offers solutions or help to clients company and its staff in augmentation of skills and work culture. HR consultancy services can be availed by the organizations which are willing to merge with each other but not able to re-structure. Career counseling is another attractive option for HR professionals as various colleges and training institutes hire such people with focuses approach. Understanding various trends in employment, a professional can earn good in Career Counseling.

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