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Jobs in Mumbai

Jobs in Mumbai

Major jobs in Mumbai are in sectors such as finance, IT, Bollywood, Television world, Textiles, Oil refining, Shipping, Aerospace, Port and Dock, etc. The city is India's largest finance center and the financial capital of the country. It generates nearly 5% of the total GDP of the country. It serves as a major producer of jobs in India. It employs more than 10% of factory workers in India. Playing crucial role in growth and development of India, Mumbai  generates 40% of India's foreign trade.

With high per capita income at Rs. 128,000, Mumbai houses offices of corporate conglomerates such as Larsen and Toubro, Reserve Bank of India, State Bank of India, Life Insurance Corporation of India, Tata Group, Godrej and Reliance amongst others. Globally known Fortune Global 500 companies have started their operations from Mumbai and help generate ample job opportunities in Mumbai. Jobs in commercial activities and legal consultancies are in plenty in Mumbai; however, it is export and import which is the backbone of Mumbai economy.

Best jobs in Mumbai

Best jobs in Mumbai in sectors such as Accountancy, Airlines, Advertising, Banking, Biotechnology, BPO, Data Entry, Graphic Designing, Housekeeping, Medical, Media, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceutical, Photography, Retail, Security / Protective, Travel, etc. are in plenty and pay decently. The city is known to offer everyone a source of livelihood as it has a large unskilled and semi-skilled self employed population, who primarily earn their livelihood as hawkers, taxi drivers, mechanics and other such blue collar professions.

In the last century, textile industry used to be the largest generator of jobs in Mumbai; however, thereafter, many of textile factories have either been closed or have been shifted to other places. Notwithstanding, Mumbai port employs a large number of workers. The port is not only quite old but have been playing a crucial role in import and export of goods. Plenty of jobs in Mumbai are in Dharavi which is located in center of the city and has a large recycling industry.

Jobs in Mumbai in TV and Film production

Mumbai is hub of film making and popularly called Bollywood on the tune of ‘Hollywood.’ Additionally, most of India's major television and satellite networks, as well as major publishing houses have their offices in Mumbai and generate lots of employment opportunities to artists and technicians. Browsing through the pages at, readers can find out a number of jobs in Mumbai which match their profile.

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