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Oil And Gas Jobs in India

Despite the fact that India is still a small market for gas meters, it is one of the leading consumers of oil products. A number of oil and gas jobs are coming up in the vast sector particularly related to the production, supply chain management, marketing, advertising, retailing, etc. Huge oil and gas companies such as Elster, Itron or Actaris, Bayard or Landis & Gyr or Enermet are willing to expand their presence in India and cash in the huge potential present in India’s consumer market.

Career in Oil & Gas in India

Oil and gas are as crucial for the modern economy as crucial is fuel for an engine. No movement is possible without the support of fuel which is formed in oil and gas. In fact various global conflicts have the genesis to the insecurity of losing control over the sources of energy i.e. oil. Throughout the human history, people or nations have fought for control in the sources of energy and that would remain a bitter truth in coming centuries.

Career in oil and gas in India is bright and attractive as well high paying as various new companies are coming up to operate in India. The sector which once was opened only for government owned oil companies has now been opened for private sector and even foreign direct investment (FDI) limit too has been extended so that investment flows in large quantities. Moreover, Indian oil companies such as Indian Oil, Bharat Petroleum, Reliance, Essar, etc. too have expanded their operations and recruiting human resources to meet emerging challenges of increased requirement of oil and gas.

Eligibility Criteria for Oil & Gas Jobs

After completing 12 years of formal education in science stream an aspirant can do bachelor degree in petroleum engineering. Similarly, after completion of bachelor degree in Petroleum engineering, or masters in Chemistry can do M.Tech in petroleum energy. Higher education in petroleum and gas requires research in petroleum refining and petrochemicals, petroleum exploration and production and mechanical or petroleum science, etc.

Hot Jobs in Oil & Gas

Admitted elsewhere oil & gas sector determines the fate of economy and any hike or reduction in global prices of oil determines the stock market. Notwithstanding, the significant role of fuel in the lives and economy, the oil and gas jobs are bound to have attraction. Oil and gas companies pay attractive salaries to employee. Public and private sector oil companies hire petroleum engineers, technicians, digging employees, marketing executives, public relation officers, researchers, liaison officers, etc.

Career prospects for engineers, geoscientists, drilling engineers, IT professionals, finance professionals, safety & industrial security specialists, etc. are extremely attractive in oil and gas sector. Staff working for oil and gas companies requires medical, education, and entertainment facilities and such requirement generates jobs for medical and nursing professionals, school teachers, entertainment place and staff, etc.

Some other professionals such as refinery engineers, marine engineers, production engineers, auditors, technical auditors, Rock micro-tomography specialists, Production Managers and coordinators, and Petroleum engineers serve oil and gas companies with their skills. Remuneration of professionals working in oil and gas sector is determined considering the knowledge, skills, qualification, capabilities and experience, etc. However, at the starting salary of a fresh aspirant can be in the range of R 25000-R 30000 per month.

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