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Part Time Jobs in India

Part time jobs in India are ideal for those people who wish either to work full time on some other project or wish to earn some extra bucks. Moreover, people prefer to work part time for various reasons one possible reason could be that they do not have time enough to work full time. A job which gives tad good money and pleasure of being the owner of our own moments is a perfect job and the same is possible doing a part time job.

Part Time Jobs in various Sectors

There is no sector in economy which cannot offer part time jobs. In fact part time jobs not only save lots of wealth for employers but also offer attractive opportunities to people to use their potential to produce something useful for themselves and national growth. Though the trend of part time jobs is quite vogue in western countries, particularly, in Canada, and the US and some countries in Western Europe, new work culture is bringing the same in India too and soon there would be plenty of part time jobs in India.

As Karl Marx had said that reduction of working hours would provide workers extra hours, which they can use for the furtherance of their skills or enjoyment. Any economic system be it capitalism or socialism tries to harmonize the relation between the production and welfare it brings with it. An ideal part time job contains thirty hours work a week and any work more than that can be considered full time job.

Attractive Part Time Jobs

With the emergence of internet technology there are a number of part time jobs which can be done sitting at home and even housewives can do them. By doing a part time job housewives can dedicate much more time to their kids in education or care which in broad sense would be better not only for them but for the entire economy as it would use the human resource and skill without compromising on the exploiting the fundamental job of a women.

One fact that can be mentioned here is why people wish to work part time; reason could be, as someone does not get a full time job it is better to do a part time job. Such a situation comes when there is economic slow down. Many a companies reduce working hours and salary and make it part time job. It is a kind of situation where employer does not lose his loyal employee, and employee does not die of poverty as he gets salary for whatever he works for.

People with extra knowledge or skills can earn by doing part time jobs and one of them is by teaching. Those who are good at communication skills and have expert knowledge of subjects can start their own tuition bureau. The bureau not only can provide jobs to other persons but also can be a center place where communication and discussion can be done to enlarge the friend circle. Professionals, workers, etc. feel happy about doing part time jobs as they are able to earn some extra bucks which they can use for their advantage.

Hot Part Time Jobs in India

Some jobs such as data entry jobs, online editing, online tuitions, online product promotion, etc. are ideally part time job. Part time jobs can be based on project, hours, piece of work, etc. Depending upon the agreement between the employer and the employee a part time job can be differentiated. However, it is writer’s job which can be considered the king of part time job. Writers require a job to pay their bills and continue on writing, part time job is just perfect for them.

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