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Shipping Jobs in India

Shipping jobs in India are considered high paying and attractive. However, a curious case with shipping jobs is that many of youngsters do not have information about how to get a job in shipping industry. Then there are young graduates who get caught in the trap of crooks who allure by offering jobs in merchant navy and attractive salary. Unavailability of authentic information and lack of enthusiasm from shipping industry, the sorry state of affairs still prevails in India.

Shipping Industry in India

Shipping has always been the part of India’s trade history. During early period of the recorded history, Indian ships traded with eastern countries. The fundamental job involved in shipping is the efficient and economical movement of cargo from one part of the world to another. Functions such as chartering and booking of ships and cargo, as well as obtaining formal approvals for the movement of vessels is required before any movement. The whole process requires trained and educated human resource.

Indian shipping industry has more than 600 ships which can used to carry out the movement of more than 6.62 million tons Gross Registered Tonnage (GRT). With the emergence of export and import oriented economy more than half the ships are busy in ferrying to various countries of the world. Growth in India’s international trade and commerce ultimately has led to the expansion of shipping industry and generate millions of jobs in shipping and allied services.

Career in Shipping Industry in India

A shipping company has numerous departments which require trained professionals. For instance Deck crew for a ship includes positions such as Chief Officer, Second Officer, Third Officer, Boatswain, Able Seamen, Ordinary Seamen, etc. amongst others. Similarly, engineering department requires personnel such as Chief Engineer, Second Engineer, Third Engineer, Fourth Engineer, Fifth Engineer, etc. Shipping jobs such as Oiler and Greaser do not require specific qualification, however, are given on the job training.

Leading Shipping Companies in India

The expansion in India’s trade propels shipping companies to widen up their size and influence. Additionally, many leading shipping companies from Europe and the USA have started their operation from India to cash in the golden opportunity offered by Indian economy. Some major global shipping companies such as K-Line, APL, CSCL, CMA, Cosco, Evergreen, Hambugsud, Hanjin, Hyundai, IRISL, LT, Maersk, MSC, NCL, OOCL, RCL, Safmarine, Senator, etc. have operations in India as well.

Hot Shipping Jobs in India

Besides technical jobs in shipping industry various other non-technical jobs such as Chief Steward, Chief Cook, and Steward's Assistant, Junior Assistant Purser, Senior Assistant Purser, Purser, Chief Purser, Medical Doctor, Professional Nurse, Marine Physician Assistant, and Hospital Corpsman, etc. too are offered which in fact are equally paying. Shipping jobs are being considered ideal for the reason that these are high paying and offer lots of adventure at the same time.

Shipping Corporation of India

SCI is a renowned entity in India which offers exciting jobs to young professionals and regulates the management of shipping industry. A PSU (Public Sector Unit), SCI operates and manages vessels that serve national and international traders and businessmen. Moreover, some famous shipping companies of India including of Cochin Shipyard, Dredging Corporation of India Limited, Essar Shipping, Great Eastern Shipping, Mercator Lines, Shipping Corporation of India, The Scindia Steam Navigation Company Ltd., etc. offer lucrative jobs to young graduates.

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