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Telecom Jobs in India

Telecom jobs in India are expected to come up in large numbers as the sector is expanding and is fastest growing telecom industry in the world. India has more than 671.69 Million telephone subscribers and 635.51 Million mobile phone connections as of June 2010. Whereas China is first in terms of telecom network, India is the second largest telecommunication network in the world. Such a tremendous growth in telecom sector in India is expected to bring plenty of jobs for trained and untrained people.

Career in Telecom

Professionals with skills in computer programming, Software design, Basic telephony, Laser technology, Fiber optics, Cellular technology, Data compression skills, Sales ability with knowledge of telecommunications terminology, Business knowledge, Interpersonal communication skills, Control Precision, Problem Identification Skills, etc. have attractive jobs in telecom sector. Telecom companies such as BSNL, Vodafone, Airtel, Idea, Aircel, etc. hire trained telecom engineers.

Getting a telecom job in India is possible through doing a course in telecom engineering; however, it is true only about technical jobs. Some non-technical jobs in telecom sector require simple graduates, MBA, Accounts, etc. to work for a telecom organization at various positions. Additionally, telecom engineers have options to work in overseas market too as numerous companies offering telecom services offer attractive jobs to Indian engineers.

Overseas Galore for Telecom Engineers

Telecom engineers can have plenty of choices to work in overseas with telecom companies having multinational operations. In the era of globalization, no job is limited to national boundaries. In fact overseas telecom companies consider Indian telecom engineers reliable and professionally well qualified and for that reason prefer to hire them for their projects. These companies hire professionals who can provide expert services in telecom leased lines, ISDN, closed user group and videoconferencing, etc.

Hot Telecom Jobs in India

Telecom sector requires person who can work as high-tech executive, telecomm technician, installer, mechanical engineer, telecomm marketer and desk top support, etc. Similarly, some other positions such as telecom engineers, test engineers, software or applications engineers, product managers, customer support staff, public relations officers, Liaoning officers, etc. are considered chic and high paying. Most of the recruitment is done through consultancy services.

Some Other Jobs in Telecom Industry

Telecom sector requires a number of persons who can work in as Communication Equipment Mechanics, Installers, Repairers, Electronic Home Entertainment Equipment Installers and Repairers, Frame Wirers, Power Reactor Operators, Power Distributors and Dispatchers, Radio Mechanics, Signal and Track Switch Repairers, etc. Besides there are management, accounts, marketing & sales, public relations, customer care and other departments which require trained human resource.

Scope in Telecom Industry

With bright future telecom industry is expected to offer millions of jobs as it has expanded to R 344,921 crore (US$ 74.85 billion) by 2012. Generating employment opportunities for about 10 million people during the same period, the sector is moving at the pace of 26 per cent and is expected to offer direct employment to 2.8 million people and indirect employment to 7 million. Telecom equipment manufacturing, telecom services such as telephony and VAS, etc., require huge base of trained professionals.

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