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Employment Jobs

Employee Retention

HR experts realize that hiring knowledgeable people for the job though is tough; retaining the same is even tougher. In order to retain employees organizations are being forced to step up and encourage employees to remain in the organization for the maximum period of time. When opportunities are plenty, employees do look for cashing them through their skills and experience, but employing organizations should not stop retaining them to stick for quite long with the current organization.

However, it is not the employees only who whop their jobs, various organizations which do not want to invest in training hire employees who have been trained by other organizations paying some extra bucks. Additionally, if employees are unsatisfied by the job, they tend to switch to other company for better or suitable profile and that too at the same salary. There cannot be one and only formula to retain employees. However, certainly there are methods in HR which could be applied for better employee management and retain them for significant time.

However, it is a fact that people do not leave a company in general rather they leave managers and supervisors; therefore, attention should be given to hire capable supervisors and managers who know the basics of human resource management. Whereas a draconian, nasty, or controlling manager takes points away from the organization, a nice and understanding manager could be an asset. Similarly, a manager with right knowledge of human management knows well how to manage fellow employees.

Integration of core values about people and a mission and vision of the firm is essential for better human resource management. The managers should be trained on the core management skills which include performance management of employees, giving and receiving feedback, coach and value employees, providing a motivating work environment, etc. Additionally, a descent manager should discuss career development with employees to grasp latter’s willingness to grow within the organization or beyond the organization.

Retaining experienced employees is important for the reason that when the organization invests in training of the employee the same is done for the purpose of utilizing it in future and if the employee quits the job invest goes in vain. Additionally, reduced efficiency, lower effectiveness, workforce instability, and lost productivity are some outcomes which affect employees and their staying time in a company.

Moreover, HR professionals should have some understanding about the factors motivating an employee to look for another position. Compensation and emoluments are some other factors which influence an employee to go to other green pastures; therefore, efforts should be made that the two are at optimum. Least but not last, companies must do effective work towards employee development where employees and their skills are upgraded, this makes employees to have attitude of gratitude towards employer.

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