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the Leaders.

New List of Fortune 50- Know the Leaders.

The list has come and names of the most reputed companies are unveiled. It was a prestigious survey done by the esteemed Fortune Magazine, which distinguished fifty top-notch enterprises of the world. Nevertheless, the world is experiencing a serious economic deceleration but these companies managed to be in the list of few most valued ventures.

They are best not only for their employees but also for their rivals…checkout, apart from Google, Apple and Microsoft, who else is making its entry into the most gleaming list of enterprises.

1          Apple
2          Berkshire Hathaway
3          Toyota Motor
4          Google
5          Johnson & Johnson
6          Procter & Gamble
7*        FedEx
7*        Southwest Airlines
9          General Electric
10        Microsoft
11        Wal-Mart Stores
12        Coca-Cola
13        Walt Disney
14        Wells Fargo
15        Goldman Sachs Group
16        McDonald's
17        IBM
18        3M
19        Target
20        J.P. Morgan Chase
21        PepsiCo
22        Costco Wholesale
23        Nike
24        Nordstrom
25        Exxon Mobil
26        Bank of America
27        United Parcel Service
28        BMW
29        American Express
30        Hewlett-Packard
31        Cisco Systems
32        Honda Motor
33        Singapore Airlines
34        Starbucks
35        Caterpillar
36        Intel
37        Marriott International
38        Nestlé
39        Sony
40        Boeing
41        Deere
42        Nokia
43        Northwestern Mutual
44        Best Buy
45        General Mills
46        Toyota Industries
47        Lowe's
48        AT&T
49        Accenture
50        Samsung Electronics

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