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Reasons to Opt for Government Jobs

Lucrative, recession proof and stable- government jobs are truly more advantageous than private sector jobs. In the present scenario, when every private-sector employee is afraid of unexpected job slashing and salary freezing, government jobs are offering every facility that is considered 'white elephant' in private sector.

These jobs are not only hi-paying but also provide more benefits than private-sector jobs. In accordance with a survey done in USA, state and local governments spent 51% more on every employee than private-sector employers.

Maximum government jobs offer 50,000$ or more as annual package. Nowadays, almost every country government is prone to provide a better package to their employees. In USA alone, government organizations spent 72.8% more on employees than private sector ventures. According to a study done by Employee Benefits Research Institute, government entity workforce enjoys almost every privilege including higher medical re-imbursement, health benefits, retirement plan and other benefits. Nevertheless, government jobs are tagged as monotonous and stuffy works but many public-sector jobs are filled with miraculous growth opportunities.

Know, what else is kept inside the magical box of government jobs-

  • Employees Retirement Plan- This facility is based on the period of tenure and salary history of the employee. These are unique features of federal Jobs.
  • Good number of paid leaves - Good numbers of paid leaves are offered in government jobs every year. Apart from paid holidays, sick leaves and vacations are also offered.
  • Life Insurance Plan- federal organizations try to secure its employee by providing them facilities of basic life insurance. This is hardly seen in private sector.
  • Family Friendly Flexibility- Federal jobs offer family friendly flexibility policies by applying Employee Assistance Program (EAP), Child and Elder care resources and child support services, which are very beneficial.

With a promise of sustainability, Government jobs are attracting almost every individual in this juncture.

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