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Social Service Jobs

Involving relevance with social-theories and researches done on enhancement of normal life-style and elimination of negative aspects of the society, social service jobs are designed to work in direction of betterment of human lives. Famed as the job-opportunity for sensitive human beings, social work is a profession, which is devoted to bring social-justice for every offspring of the society.

Concerned with social problems, its reason and solutions to get rid on it, social workers can work individually, with family, in groups and with social welfare organizations.

Developed as a profession in 19th century, these jobs came to the fore as a response to then societal problems. Nowadays, many non-profit ventures are offering social service jobs. To acquire these jobs, one needs to be a degree holder in social-service subjects.

If your qualifications and skill matches the criteria, upload your resume on The site is stuffed with openings, which are designed to improve the societal conditions. Social service jobs mainly feature study and research on mental health, substance abuse, children, medical social work, criminal justice, domestic violence and counselling.

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