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Jobs in Leeds

Jobs in Leads are commonly in service sector. However, manufacturing sector jobs in Leeds play crucial role in employing thousands of workers. Whereas jobs in finance management are in plenty in Leeds, retail management has come up in big way in Leeds and employs thousands of young workers. Astounding growth in the financial sector in Leeds has led to development of attractive opportunity of jobs in Leeds.

Whereas, earlier Leeds was a part of Yorkshire, it is now an independent city in England. Playing crucial role in the growth and development of United Kingdom, Leeds was awarded ‘the best city’ in the year 2003 for its wonderful business growth and employment opportunities. Included among the fastest growing city in UK, Leeds is the third big financial center after London and Edinburgh. Browsing the pages at, readers can find a number of jobs which match their profile.

Best Jobs in Leeds

Notwithstanding, service sector jobs in Leeds are more preferable than manufacturing jobs in Leeds. With higher wages and best of the world working conditions, jobs in Leeds attract trained workforce from Asia and Eastern Europe. Various jobs in Leeds such as one in retail sector or call centers require youngsters with full of enthusiasm who can work under pressure with a smile on their faces. Whereas travel and tourism jobs in Leeds are primarily focused on the earning of Forex, these jobs hire a number of professional at decent salaries.

Currently, the city of Leeds has a diverse economy wherein the service sector has exceeded the traditional manufacturing industries. Various jobs in Leeds are in public administration, education, health, banking finance and insurance, distribution, hotels and restaurants, etc. Leeds has the largest financial center in England outside London. Various other sectors such as publishing, legal consultancies, writing and editing, etc. produce numerous jobs in Leeds.

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