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Jobs in London

Jobs in London are dream for anyone; however, these are hard to get and requires lots of efforts. London is a major financial centre for international business and commerce as well as it is one of three ‘command centers’ for the global economy along with New York City and Tokyo. Additionally, the city is considered one of the leading city economies in the world which includes Tokyo, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Paris.

London jobs are based in six leading centers which generate most of the employment. The city itself houses offices of finance, broking, insurance, legal companies. Whereas Westminster has head offices of real estate, private banking, hedge funds, government organizations, Camden & Islington houses a number of offices of creative industries, finance, design, art, fashion, architecture, etc. Canary Wharf is known to have offices of banking, media and legal firms. Similarly, Lambeth & Southwark has offices of accountancy, consultancy and local government organizations.

Dream of London Jobs

Major jobs in London are in service sector and heavy industries have been sidelined for other cities of UK or have been transferred to third world countries. Finance companies in London play crucial role in generating jobs in London. A number of jobs in London are created in London Stock Exchange and Lloyds of London. Various other jobs in London are in education field as London has become a leading center of higher education.

Various organizations including of Reuters, Barclays, HSBC Bank and many others have their operations at London. London is known for various media houses which have great reputation. Media groups such as BBC and Guardian employ thousands of persons. Tourism is another big industry in the city, which employs a large work force. brings comprehensive information on various jobs in London and browsers can get updated list of jobs in the city in one click.

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