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Jobs in Scotland

Jobs in Scotland are in plenty, particularly in export houses of whisky, electronics and financial services, etc. Scotland has a western style open  mixed economy which is closely linked with that of the rest of Europe and the wider world and has become a leading partner in the growth and development of European Union. Jobs in Scotland are popular for the reason that these are not only high paying but are also full of respect.

Lately, Scotland has started looking for creating jobs in service sector particularly in sectors Franchising, News media, Hospitality industry (e.g. restaurants, hotels, casinos), Consulting, Legal practice, Healthcare/hospitals, Waste disposal , Real estate, Personal services, Business services, etc. Heavy industries have been discouraged in Scotland and for that reason, Scotland which was famous for it is not so much known for the same.

Scotland Jobs

A major portion of Scotland jobs are in heavy industries such as shipbuilding  in Glasgow, coal mining and steel industries, etc. A large part of employment is in petroleum related industries associated with the extraction of North Sea oil. Edinburgh is the financial services centre of Scotland and the sixth largest financial centre in Europe in terms of funds under management. The country houses head offices of Lloyds Banking Group (owners of the Halifax Bank of Scotland) and the Government owned Royal Bank of Scotland and Standard Life.

Jobs in Travel and tourism in Scotland are promising and have bright future. This industry employs almost 8.5% of total workforce and contributes almost 5% of total GDP. Additionally, the country has the one of the lowest employment rates in Europe. Youngsters can look for a job opportunity amalgamated with impeccable work environment and natural bliss as well in Scotland. comes up with updated details of jobs in Scotland.

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